M A R T A   P R O M I Ń S K A

Marta Promińska – polish artist, author. She uses oil painting and ink graphic to create surrealistic trend in modern art. Her concept breaks away from the necessity of explanation and translation into popular terms, focusing on bare emotions instead. ‘Letting the viewers focus on their own emotional marrow, and actually feel, is my goal. For only the world trapped in the corner of one’s eye; the world between waking and sleeping, is the pure one. My paintings are meant to build a relationship with the recipient. Painting in itself, is a relationship. Once the viewer appears, a painting shifts its meaning. This is when art is born’, she sums up the philosophy behind Hypnagogic Art.

Photo by: Aleksander Ikaniewicz

A  W  A  R  D  S 

  • American Art Award- “Beyond the Gates” 2nd place Surrealism (2021), “Bema Pamięci” 2nd Place Art Brut (2020),”In Extremis” 2nd Place Surrealism (2018)
  • Artist of the Future Award – Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (2020)
  • Top 60 International Artist of 2020 – ArtTourInternational New York (2020)


  • Oneness, One Art Agency, Warsaw 2021
  • Masterpieces 2020 Special Edition Heavy Music Artwork 2020 United Kingdom, Chief Editor&Curator Alex Milazzo
  • ATIM’S Top 60 Masters 2020 Curated by Viviana Puello. Published bt ArtTour International Publications Inc.New York 2020
  • Arte Arcana. HMA 2018, United Kingdom, Chief Editor&Curator Alex Milazzo
  • Masterpieces 2017 HMA 2018 United Kingdom, Chief Editor&Curator Alex Milazzo